Celestial Trio Rhinestone Sticker
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Celestial Trio

Shooting Star, Kissing Crescent Moon, and Smiling Sun— these radiant heavenly bodies are sure to brighten your world, with glowing mystery, wonder and enchantment.

Original Sticker Bling Bling Fine Rhinestone Stickers™ pop with tons of brilliantly colored Bling-Bling Gemz™. Sticker Bling Bling makes the best sparkle stickers. Our exclusive designs are only available at Sticker Bling Bling.

Ideal to decorate electronics, phone, tablet, iphone, ipad, laptop, notebooks, hats, skateboards, backpacks, journals, bottles, scrapbooks and more. It’s Jewelry for Your Gear™.

Each sticker is individually wrapped, so these decals make the perfect gift or cool party favor. They’re ideal for your birthday party or holiday celebration.


Great gift idea and fun DIY decoration.

Kids can can collect them all and trade them with their besties!

  • Extra Sparkly Crystal Rhinestone Stickers made with Special Bling-Bling Gemz™
  • Blingify your phone, tablet, laptop, notebooks, shoes, skateboards, backpacks, notebooks, and more
  • Set of 3 stickers
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