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Sparkle your School or Team Spirit with Spirit Gemz Rhinestone Stickers!
Perfect for phones, tablets, water bottles, laptops, helmets, hats, notebooks, skateboards & more.
Not your basic sticker...
With MORE THAN 100 Super Sparkly GEMZ used on every sticker, your school or team spirit logo will shimmer, twinkle and shine like it's made from precious jewels.
Don't settle for less.
Insist on Original Spirit Gemz™ Rhinestone Stickers. Number one for customer smiles!
“A student's sense of belonging at school is important to academic achievement.”
—Education Week Research Center, 2017
  • Premium Rhinestone Stickers designed with your school logo or mascot are a great way to raise funds for your school all year round!
  • They’re super-easy to sell because kids of all ages love ‘em... and so do their parents!
  • Guaranteed to raise school spirit on campus and in the community!
  • Fun to use on all your favorite gear!
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