More than a quarter century of experience designing, marketing and branding creative services and products.

From the star-studded Golden Globes Event to corporate trade shows to our own children’s milestone birthday parties, we have successfully created, manufactured and produced creative materials that have touched the hearts of our audience/guests.

Today, Sticker Bling Bling is a thriving team of owner-operator partners who are passionate about excellence in creativity, service and joy.

Sticker Bling Bling’s brightest new sticker is glittering among Hollywood celebs at the star-studded 75th Golden Globes event.


To commemorate their diamond anniversary, the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) created a special 75th-anniversary logo.

Brilliantly using the new logo as an elegant theme running throughout the event, the Golden Globes commissioned Sticker Bling Bling to produce a diamond-like 7 and 5 sticker of the logo to prominently grace the hundreds of Moët & Chandon Champagne bottles to be served at the event.


Adult Events

Weddings, Milestone Birthday Parties and Anniversaries, Corporate Events and Meetings, Holiday Events


Kids’ Events

Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 Parties, Milestone Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties


The Anatomy of a High Quality Sticker Bling Bling Rhinestone Sticker

Design. More goes into it than meets the eye. Every Sticker Bling Bling design is a masterpiece in 3D. First there’s the rhinestones—color, size and placement. Then there’s the printed surface—metallic, transparent or plastic. And don’t forget the shape of the sticker—what’s called the die cut. And of course, there’s the creativity of the image. Get the picture.

Adhesives. It’s where other stickers slip up. Using the right glue is really important. You wouldn’t want to put the super-aggressive adhesive we use for stickers designed to go on Champagne bottles on your skin. Ouch!